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Saturday 29th of December 2018

Types Of Funeral

Every culture has its own way of defining what a funeral is. Even within our culture, we have a different set of beliefs about funerals. Each tradition has a unique way to commemorate the life of the deceased and celebrate the love of his family and friends.

Here are some of the different kinds of funerals that are currently being used:

Traditional Service:

Traditional service is the most typical forms of funerals. In the traditional service, guest expresses their condolences to the family of the deceased in the room where the coffin is present. There will be a service and procession to the cemetery, where the burial will take place.

Memorial Service: 

This type of funeral services is performed without the dead body. The service is organised to celebrate the life of the deceased. It is usually held after the burial of the body or after the cremation and is also sometimes used when a body has been found.

Graveside Services:

This type of service is carried out in the cemetery, where the burial will take place. It can be held at the funeral or in the cemetery chapel.

Non Commemorative funeral services:

This is when the body is buried or cremated without an official funeral held in memory of a human life. This would also apply to bodies donated for medical research.

Locations of Services: 

Services can be held in different places. It could be held at the home of the deceased though that might restrict the number of people going to the services. Funeral homes and chapels are also common places where the services are held. As we have mentioned there are services that can be held in the cemetery itself.

 Keep in mind that it is your final chance to show love and respect for the family member who has passed away so you would want the services to be perfect. Don't just pick the first one that you would come across.