Hickton Family Funeral Directors

Let Our Family, Look After Yours.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

We have a wide selection of funeral services available to our families, these services can be as simple or elaborate as you may wish them to be.

We are members of SAIF (Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) and this mean that we are obliged to offer a simple "basic” low cost funeral. With the current economic climate this option is perfect to anyone who wants to give their loved one a traditional and professional send off at a low cost.

We also offer pre-paid funeral plans which are a great way to help out your family with the cost of a funeral, we tailor your plan to suit you, we do not expect you to choose from categories like most companies do. A funeral plan can save you money and provide peace of mind to you and your family.

We have a wide range of payments options available when you choose our professional and traditional services, all we ask for before the funeral is a deposit, this deposit varies in amount and further details of this deposit can be discussed while we are helping you choose the perfect way to send off your loved one.

Memorial Masonry

We have a huge selection of headstone designs available and a brochure is available to view to this end. We hand cut and sand blast your inscription onto the headstone, curb sets and cremated plot stones we can also add photos and any design you may wish. All of our stone is imported from India; this is due to it being higher quality than the stone from countries such as China.

For any more information about our funeral services, feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you design the perfect service for your loved one. Also you can visit our website by following the link Hickton Memorials for more information.